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Why the US and Iran hate each other

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world’s most resonant recent revolutions came to an end.

The Iranian army returned to its barracks, apparently accepting that the supporters of the Islamic leader Ayatollah Khomeini were in power.

It was a remarkable end to a turbulent fortnight that has since been called the Iranian or Islamic revolution.

The aftermath of that short period created diplomatic fault lines that continue to this day, forcing two countries onto irremediably opposite sides, to the extent that they are now, not just literally, continents apart.The depth of the animosity rears its head regularly.

In 2018, Donald Trump pulled out of an anti-nuclear deal backed by the EU, China and Russia, aimed at stopping Iran develop ballistic weapons. Since then, he has since decried his own spies’ assessment that Iran is not an “immediate” threat.

His actions are emblematic of the antagonistic sentiment felt by Washington towards Tehran and, reflective of the Iranian regime’s regular reference to the US as the “great Satan”.

But, what happened to cause such deep division between the US and Iran?

The background
The origins of the rift between the US and Iran go back beyond the revolution. Many of Iran’s gripes concern foreign efforts to manipulate its pre-1979 leaders, including the country’s Shah, the name for its king.

In the Second World War, America was involved in a UK/Soviet effort to keep oil flowing to the Allies from Iran and maintained close links with the country’s ruler as the Cold War got under way, afraid of Soviet ambitions in the region.

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  1. PEACE is the greatest thing JESUS CHIRST brought to the earth so when one reject peace he reject GOD Us and Iran should please accept peace and love each other

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