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Shay You Sabi English Abi? What Is The Past Tense Of Speed?

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Where are the English Gurus??

You think your English is Good and you have PhD in English Engineering abi?

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What Is The Past Tense Of The Word SPEED?

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151 thoughts on “Shay You Sabi English Abi? What Is The Past Tense Of Speed?

  1. The question is kinda trickish though, true it has a past tense and the past tense for speed is either speeded or sped(one of those can be used).

  2. I really like this question, many people will get the answer wrong, the past tense of speed is speed, then the use of it as past tense now depends on use of “was”

  3. Nice question, speed is still speed. When “speed” is a transitive verb, the past tense is usually “speeded” (although “sped” is being increasingly used in this situation).

  4. Ordinary past tense of “SPEED” that is ‘SPED’ many of us delighters don’t know it. So what are we doing here?
    Anyways, we’re all here to make money.

  5. Speed is a noun, not a verb. So it does not have a Past Tense. But if you make it in verbal form, as ‘To Speed’, then you can use its Past Tense forms as “sped” or “Speeded”.

  6. speeded should be the answer cos, when you add “ed’ to sentence mean it has pass away, in my own opinion may be ‘speeded’ is the Answer

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