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Shawwal moon was sighted in Saudi Arabia

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The International Astronomical Centre (IAC) had predicted – during Ramadan – the start of Eid Al Fitr for most of the Islamic nations.

Earlier, the statement said that the sighting of the crescent would be impossible in this part of the world on Monday, June 3. The IAC added that it would be possible to sight the moon with a telescope only if the atmosphere is clear in some western parts of the Americas and the Pacific Ocean on June 3.

As moon-sighting panels convene across the world to sight the Shawwal moon – marking the end of the Holy month of Ramadan and the beginning of Eid Al Fitr – one country in Africa is already celebrating Eid on June 3 (Monday).

Muslims in Mali claim to have sighted the Shawwal crescent on Sunday (June 2), and celebrated Eid Al Fitr today.

Prayers were said across the West African nation after authorities officially declared Monday (June 3) as a national holiday for the observance of the Eid festivities.

The local media portal, Malijet, posted the official government communication issued by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture.

The communiqué explained that the decision was based on the sighting of the moon in parts of the country.

In his Eid message, president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, IBK, prayed for health, peace and prosperity for a country wracked by inter-ethnic violence.

Happy Eid-L-Fitri from all of us…

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